Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Apple's next iPhone will crush Samsung's Galaxy S3

       After the successful launch of Samsung's  Galaxy S3, Apple doesn't seem to be behind on the top of smartphone world. Apple is not just focusing on the software but rather its in way to launch it's new iPhone  series. The giant is not far away from beating  Galaxy's success. With the powerful application on the go, Apple will surpass the Android success in a very short time. BNAVC857J9H2
      Apple's new enhanced applications such as SIRI, Passbook, Apple Maps is far better than what google is offering in its Android versions. Frankly speaking the Apple maps are way powerful than google maps. With the new application "Passbook", you will be able to do everything like finding theatres for you on the go, finding movie list, booking tickets, your boarding passes,store cards etc etc... What else you will need in such a powerful smartphone which are  just PERFECT.... :) The launch of next iPhone will surely give a huge competition to the Galaxy's upcoming series... But once again all we just can say to Apple is "Bring Some More"..... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Yup...This one will surely rock the smartphone world.. :) nice post man...