Monday, June 18, 2012

10 Best Experiments from Mr. Doob | Google Chrome

This is the only photo you might have seen on the net for Mr. Doob. Do you know him ? You might have heard of him and his experiments. Mr. Doob is excellent man keeps on doing experiments on Google
Chrome. With his great knowledge of scripting, he is no more less than a Genius. His top experiments are listed below. Enjoy it..

1.  Kinect : You might have played 3D games on XBox  and would have used Kinect . This is the same thing in the Mr.Doobs experiment. He included those code into his scripts and created an application Kinect which shows your virtual 3D image. Try It

2.   Disturb : You want to have some fun with your image? This experiment do it in less than a second and you would get amazed. Just go to the following link and drop your image in the blank space. There is all messy things just got happened to your image.

3.  Voxels : Create your own models, design anything, build a building with small small cubes. This is your time when you decide to do something useful but dont want to succeed. ;)

4.  Internet Explorer 6: If you are using internet explorer or used earlier, you would have surely encountered an error. Check that again with no need to worry of system hanging..

5.  The WilderNess DownTown:  This is just amazing thing done by Mr. Doob. GO to the following link, enter your home address and click on search button. The movie will start playing and your wild and horror dreams will get started.. Enjoy it. Dont forget to switch on the Speakers. Its great...

6.  MultiUser SketchPad: This is just like your MS Paint. Create a simple black and white picture of your own and save it to the system. Its not that much cool but its good if like to sketch shade of the picture.

7.  Water Type: Want your name in water style? Just type your name and look at its effects. Time Pass Experiment...

8.  ThreeJs: This link contains all the experiments done by Mr. Doob through Three.js. Three.js is a scripting format by Mr. Doob which he used in his most experiments. Check this out..

9.  Branching : Another little experiment by the Genius which we have seen in Microsoft ScreenSavers. Exactly same branching system. Just click on any blank space and your branching starts..

10.  Google Gravity : We all experience gravitational force, why not our Google Search Engine? This experiment is a bang. Everything you type in the search box, results are fallen down as though they are really experiencing gravitational force.. Enjoy it..

P.S. All Mr.Doob's experiments can be viewed in Google Chrome alone. Thanks..

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