Thursday, June 21, 2012

Facebook Comment Editing | Rollback To Your Old Comment

      Facebook has added its one feature in its application. Its Comment Editing. You don't have to regret for the comments you give on a status. You can edit your own comments. So, if you have written some stupid comments or have done a spelling mistake, you can edit it. This is the excellent feature facebook doing. I guess it might have copied from Google Plus where you can actually edit your comment again. 

      But..But..But.. If you are now thinking that your original comment was better and don't want to regret for your stupid comment, you can roll out your comment. Yes. Now you can roll out your comment history and fix the same. Not Understood? Let me explain.

     Suppose, You have commented on a post somewhere before one year. You think that your comment was not good and you have edited it immediately. Now after a year you look out for the same post (off course you wont see that again. I am sure). You think again that your old comment itself was better than the one which you did later. Here is the thing which facebook is doing. You can fix your same old comment again. Just keep watching the bullshit feature again and again on facebook. Because no one is interested in editing comment again and again even if its just a day before. :) We just move on.

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